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We’re Rodney and Nikki Rockett.

Before we bought Walls of Clay, we came here with our own kiddos, and we cherish the painted pottery pieces they made to this day. When Rodney’s mother, Lucille, developed cancer, we found that visiting this pottery studio was one of the activities she still had the strength to do. We spent hours here, simply painting and spending time together and with Linda, the original owner. When Linda was looking to retire, she spoke with us about buying the store. We felt it was a wonderful opportunity to honor Lucille’s legacy, and renamed it “Grammy’s Walls of Clay.”

Lucille “Grammy” Rockett absolutely loved kids, especially her grandkids, of course. She was always kind-hearted, friendly, and giving to others — she loved thinking of everything possible to make people happy. At Grammy’s Walls of Clay, we carry on her spirit by creating a fun and peaceful space for friends and families to relax, find joy, and paint lasting memories together.