Our Best School Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is as inevitable for schools as backpacks and PE class. And there are a million ideas out there — which can often making narrowing down the choices a challenge. But the best fundraisers are thoughtful fits for your students, families, and staff. Below, find our selection of the best money making ideas for your school:

Bake Sales

This one is a classic for a reason. Bake sales are relatively simple to set up, can be held over a period of a week — or even regularly throughout the year, as often as parent volunteers are willing — and only rely on the donated time and baked goods from volunteers. Because the prices for a homemade treat are low, they’re an easy sell, and all those dollars and quarters really add up.

Product Sales

From candy to cookie dough, popcorn to poinsettias, there’s no shortage of options for your little entrepreneurs to sell. And as the Girl Scouts have proven, these can really raise a lot of money — if the product is good. There are a couple of downsides with this type of fundraiser, however. These products have to be purchased up front, and this method can also put a lot of pressure on busy parents and their kids, some of whom really have to be pushed to get out and sell.

Box Tops

“Nieman Elementary Night at Walls of Clay” Get back 10%

Gift cards Get back 10%


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