Unique gift ideas for Father’s Day

Surprise dad this Father’s Day with a homemade, straight-from-the-heart gift. Let Grammy’s Walls of Clay help you find and paint the perfect item for your dad that no one else will have. Here are some unique gift ideas to wow dad this June.

Coffee cup

Does dad enjoy a cup of coffee each morning? Paint #1 dad on the side of a mug or cup so that when he sips his favorite brew, he is reminded of the special sentiment of the day.

Picture frame

Help your child pick out a favorite picture of him or her with their dad. Insert the photo in a custom-painted picture frame that can go on his nightstand or on his desk at work.

Office supplies

Brighten up dad’s desk at work by helping your child pick out a paperweight, business card holder or pencil cup. Let your child get creative with their brushstrokes- the sky’s the limit!

Sports helmet

Whether dad’s heart is with his alma mater or with the Chiefs, paint a sports helmet to resemble dad’s favorite team. Help dad find a special place for it around the house.


Wake up dad on Sunday morning with his favorite breakfast. Start a new tradition by serving dad breakfast in bed and make it even more special by putting it on a hand-painted plate.

Sneak away over the weekend and head to Walls of Clay to create that special gift for dad that he’ll treasure for years to come!

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